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The State of Texas puts out legal documents for use by its residents. These are often very valuable and may cost $2000 or more to prepare professionally. Fortunately, you can take on these documents yourself, saving you time, money and a visit with the judge.

You will find many vital personal docs below and links to obtain others. In my articles, I offer robust guides to help you understand these docs as you fill them in. You will still need Notary Services to make them official, which I’ll happily provide once you have filled them in. Please understand you must author a doc for me to legally notarize it.

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Every legal document benefits from context, and that professional advice is often expensive. I publish my expertise free of charge, and the answers you seek are found in my articles. Here’s a handy search function and popular articles to quickly find the professional insight you need.

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State of Texas Legal Documents

Each of the below documents is provided by the State of Texas, free of charge. I have aggregated them here for your convenience, and my articles above will add valuable context to help you create a ready-to-notarize document customized to your needs. When you’re ready for that notary stamp…

Advance Directives and Healthcare


Probate and Guardianship

Landowner Concerns

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Here is a link for more state-level Rules and Forms.

Are you trying to find local forms? Here, you can View Local Rules, Forms, Standing Orders, Bail Forms, Citations/Notices and Protective Orders.

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